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3 different drills to focus on your leg kick, arm stroke and another key part of the breaststroke: the underwater arm stroke.

You definitely need to improve your technique if you want to swim the breaststroke better. This article will look at three different drills you can perform using some of our tools that focus on your leg kick, arm stroke and another key part of the breaststroke: the underwater arm stroke


1. One of the most important things to work on to improve your breaststroke is the leg kick. Here is a drill to improve it that you can incorporate in your training:

Take a kickboard and put your arms over it. Perform a breaststroke leg kick as fast as you can, attempting to keep your knees as close together as possible. Execute the leg kick as fast as you can for about 10 seconds followed by 20-30 seconds much more slowly.

Try to control the position of your feet as well as your knees by pulling them towards your shins at a 90° angle, pushing downwards and backwards without letting your heels come out of the water.


2. Although the forward drive from your leg kick is extremely important for the breaststroke, nowadays lots of specialist breaststrokers rely on an extremely efficient and powerful arm stroke.

To improve your arm stroke and become more powerful and faster, swim breaststroke with your arms and freestyle with your legs using a Swim Snorkel Pro and wearing Powerfin Pros. Your leg kick must be extremely fast with a very narrow action, making sure you pull back and then recover your arms very quickly.

When performing the arm stroke, push your body upwards as far as possible and lift your shoulders out of the the water. A Snorkel Pro is extremely helpful because it will allow you to keep your head in the right position to perform the action as efficiently as possible. Look down towards the bottom of the pool during both the pull and recovery phases.


3. Another vital part of the breaststroke is executing the proper underwater arm stroke. You Try the following drill to improve this skill.

Swim the underwater phase with butterfly legs. Wear fins. Push off the wall and swim underwater in a streamlined position (an aerodynamic position with your arms extended above your head), make sure your butterfly leg kick is long and powerful. At the end of the leg kick, pull back your arms until they are along your sides. After exploiting the forward thrust of your arms, complete the recovery phase and emerge from the water.


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